Our NDIS Services

Just like our vision, mission and objectives, our services exist to help you to achieve your NDIS targets. Our services are tailored to your needs and help you to:

  • pursue your goals, plans and aspirations
  • increase your independence
  • increase your social and economic participation
  • develop your capacity to actively take part in your community

Plan Management

You have the right to choose who is going to manage your NDIS funded plan. If you choose SupportSystem Options to manage your plan, we will collaborate with you to manage your plan with transparency and accountability and in ways that promote value for money..

Here are the NDIS approved services we offer, which can take place across a variety of settings, and with a view to maximise your independence:

Attendant/Personal Care

Attendant and personal care support assists you with daily personal activities like: personal hygiene; showering; dressing; grooming; toileting; eating & drinking; mobility, and getting to appointments.

Therapy Support

We offer a range of therapy supports to suit all ages and abilities. It’s our goal to help you achieve your goals, through services like: early intervention, behavioural therapy, and different kinds of counselling.

Early Childhood/Behaviour/Specialist Intervention

SupportSystem Options tailors our support services for children with developmental delay or disability. Whether temporary or permanent, we want to offer the support and intervention that is right for your child.

Individual/Family/Group Counselling

Our qualified counsellors can help you feel relief from the pressures, anxiety and depression in your life, and give you the tools and techniques to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Community Access

We support you in group activities or on-on-one. Where do you want to go? Art class, shopping, movies, a concert, or perhaps a sporting event? Whatever your interest, we can help you participate.


Advocacy and information are necessary so that society can understand the challenges facing people with disability. Our staff can help you with your annual plan review, understanding documentation and when proceeding to appeal might be the right option for you.

Mutual Support/Self-Help Groups

Mutual support and self-help groups promote skills and capacity development in a caring group environment, and they can also provide mentoring among people with disability.

Learning and life skills development

Our daily living and life skills training and development focuses on helping you to live as independently as possible. This can be one-on-one or in groups and includes: communication and social skills, problem solving, and managing your own funding of supports.

Recreation/Holiday Programs

Holiday programs are tailored to provide physical, social emotional and spiritual development for the children we are supporting. Recreation includes both indoor and outdoor activities.

Host family/Peer Support Respite

Do you care for someone living with a disability? Your respite is important for you and for your relationship with the person you are caring for. Your ongoing capacity to provide support is critical to their wellbeing. Talk to us about what respite is available to you.

Domestic and Personal Activities

Our team of dedicated support workers help you with household tasks and personal activities to allow you to maintain your home environment and your independence. Any support that you need to carry out your daily routine, to maintain and enhance your home environment.

Supports Connection

We can provide you with short-term assistance to help you find reliable support workers and to source and partner with NDIS providers who will meet your needs and assist you to participate independently in your NDIA plan.

Specialised Support Coordination

We work with you to build your capacity to connect with your providers and coordinate your supports from a range of sources and in a complex service delivery environment. We ensure this is service is available to you throughout the duration of your plan so you’re never stuck for help.

Participate in Community

Getting involved in your local community is good for your mental health and emotional wellbeing. We will provide support to enable you to independently engage in community, social and recreational activities.


We understand that accessing and understanding services in a different language can be tough. If English is not your first language, don’t worry: We can assist you in your heart language, through the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National), which provides access to phone and on-site interpreting services in over 150 languages.