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About Us

SupportSystem Options:

  • is an NDIS approved Service Provider established with the aim to assist and coordinate disability support services
  • will connect participants with supports and provide continuing follow-up to ensure that service delivery quality is satisfactory and is assisting a participant to meet their goals
  • will utilise the NDIA supports service levels, namely: Support Connection, Support Coordination, and Specialist Support Coordination in delivering essential services to its clients.


  • Act as the intermediary between the service providers and people from CALD communities living with disabilities;
  • Liaise with, coordinate and connect registered NDIS participants with supports and with specialist service providers;
  • Allocate advocacy resources among the CALD communities, particularly the African communities and spread awareness about the supports services available for people living with disability;
  • Coordinate education, training and knowledge about the NDIS and its legislative framework; and
  • Coordinate and provide education awareness among the service providers about sensitive cultural practices, values, and beliefs to ensure efficient and satisfactory delivery of services without barriers.


  • Ensure that participants understand the legislative framework of the NDIS and their right to access NDIS services within the legislative framework ;
  • Ensure that participants access services without being inhibited by barriers; and
  • Ensure that the NDIA and other stakeholders have the required assistance to understand the challenges faced by participants.


Our objective is to assist you achieve your goals by:

    Pursuing your goals, objectives and aspirations
  • Increasing your independence
  • Developing your capacity to actively take part in the community

Our Services

Our services are aimed at helping you to achieve the NDIS targets to help you:
pursue your goals, objectives and aspiration
increase your independence
increase social and economic participation, and
develop your capacity to actively take part in the community.

Plan Management

A participant has the right of choice over who is going to manage his or her NDIS funded plan. If you choose SupportSystem Options to manage your funded plan, we will manage your plan with transparency, accountability and ways that promote value for money.

Domestic & Personal Activities

We provide help with household tasks to allow you to maintain your home environment. Any support that you need to function and enhance your home environment.

Supports Connection

short-term assistance to source providers to meet your needs and participate independently in your NDIA plan.

Supports Coordination

Capacity building to connect and coordinate your supports from a range of sources and in a complex service delivery environment. This is available throughout the duration of your plan.

Participate Community

We will provide support to enable you to independently engage in community, social and recreational activities.


If English is not your first language, we can assist you if you speak the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Dinka (South Sudanese)
  • Nuer (South Sudanese)
  • Kiswahil